What Would Happen If Everyone Became Frugal?

Recently, someone in the Non-Consumer Advocate Facebook group posted a link to this interview on the Mr. Money Mustache blog with Juliet Schor, who wrote the book Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth. They talk about something I always wondered: what would happen to the economy if everyone became frugal (i.e., stopped buying so much stuff and saved more?). Interesting interview, and I think I need to check out that book.

Speaking of books, I downloaded a free sample of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules to my Kindle, and now I’d like to read the whole thing. But my local library doesn’t have it. Anyone want to lend it to me?

Speaking of food, I tried something new for dinner: Mexican rice. I don’t have a good history with rice. I have made a lot of crunchy Rice-A-Roni. But this recipe turned out great! Only the grown-ups liked it, but oh well. We had chicken quesadillas too. I love when I try something new and it works. I present a rather laid-back appearance to the world, but on the inside I’m the kind of type A perfectionist that seems to result from being the oldest child. I.e., I don’t like failing, and cooking involves much more failure than success.

Rice is nice

Rice is nice

In other news, my homemade dishwasher tabs work great! Except that they are a little too big for the slot. I have to shave them down a little to make them fit. Now what will my next homemade product be?

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