This Is Where I Leave You

Super quick post. Leaving tomorrow for the shore for a week. Kicking it off with my sister’s bachelorette party. Been packing for the past two days.

It was a very successful week in terms of not spending money. I decided to kick my Wawa habit, mainly for calorie reasons. So I didn’t go at all this week. And with vacation looming, I felt honor-bound to eat up the food in the house, which we did. (Pizza on Thursday night though.) Tonight’s dinner was the best: six fish sticks dug out of the freezer, leftover spaghetti and meatball (singular), leftover gourmet white pizza with mushrooms, leftover mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese.

I also felt that in order to really appreciate vacation, we should lay low and not go out of our way looking for fun. So we did. One brief visit to the pool and one quick train ride. Other than that, it was errands, haircuts, and playing with friends at home. I was busy, busy, busy anyway.

Today, I had a sitter so that I could get my hair cut. Afterward, I stopped at Goodwill and went on a little spree:

Clothes for my daughter:


Two pairs of sweatpants, two pairs of shorts, one t-shirt, one cute peasant skirt.

Clothes for my older son:


All kinds of stuff including a new rashguard, which he really needed.

And stuff for my younger son. He loved his new hoodie, so he made me take his picture wearing it:

20150821_151447 20150821_151520

And two dresses for me, one to wear to the bachelorette party and one to wear to my cousin’s wedding.

That’s 20 items of clothing for about $65, or $3.25 per item. Woo! And most of it is brands such as Gap, Children’s Place, Osh Kosh, etc. Most importantly, I feel like they now have enough clothes to start school. (I also picked up a few things at Village Thrift earlier in the week. And I bought stuff from the Children’s Place online using gift cards from my in-laws — thanks!)

OK, I have to go to bed. See you August 31!

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