Magic Wagon Ride

On a recent Saturday morning, I took my trusty beach wagon back to the supermarket. The first time I did this, no one batted an eye, but on Saturday I was a rock star. “That’s a great idea!!” “You WALKED here?” “I should do that!” Etc., etc. It was a little embarrassing.

I should have perhaps left a little earlier in the morning to beat the heat, but otherwise all went well. I knew I needed to go to Target later for something specific, so anything that I couldn’t fit in the wagon, I could get there instead.


Love my summer Saturday morning walks, no matter where I go. Probably the highlight of the week, no joke.

Here’s last weekend’s farmers’ market haul:


The corn and the beans were really really good. The strawberries, not so much. I should have known better. Once you start seeing blueberries for sale, the strawberries have had it. Sebastian did still eat a bunch of them. The garlic is “red inchelium,” which I have bought before from Savoie Organic Farm and has a great flavor.


The cheese crackers from Hillacres Pride are my new favorite thing. Way better than those homemade Cheez-Its I tried to make that time.

I think my new plan (plan #5,782) is to live like a true pauper in fall, winter and spring and save all my pennies for summer fun. All my favorite things are in summer so screw the rest of the year!

I took Gemma and Sebastian to the beach last Sunday, and Sebastian is starting to catch the summer bug. He has been talking about the beach ever since, and asking why can’t we just go down there every weekend.


Well, son, it takes money, time and energy. Going down on Sunday cost me about $70 not counting gas (tolls, a beach tag for me, an early dinner at Manco and Manco’s, a few arcade games, ice cream). We packed our lunch.

Luckily, we have been mostly eating at home and I’ve continued to mostly not eat out at work. It is hard when it’s so hot out. Light, easy fare is encouraged, and if you can cook it yourself (eggs), all the better.

Today is the Fourth of July. It’s wonderful to have a four-day weekend. Feeling so lazy right now but will probably head to the pool later and maybe barbecue here for dinner.

Some small wins lately:

  1. I have a little black dress that I’ve been wearing to work that people always compliment me on. Said dress is at least 10 years old and has a rip in the sleeve, but I always wear a shrug or cardigan that hides it.
  2. Aidan went to the movies with friends — on a Tuesday, at AMC, so tickets were only $5 (I think there was a $5 snack deal too).
  3. I went to New York for work and I only spent $5 out of my own pocket — on bottled water. (I definitely need a new reusable water bottle.) I waited to get to the office to get my (free) midmorning coffee.
  4. I’ve been using my homegrown herbs and arugula, and a neighbor gifted me cilantro and fennel plants.
  5. I had a CVS coupon for 15% off that I actually remembered to use when I walked to CVS the other night for some necessities.

I’ve been reading The Radium Girls on Overdrive, but it got to be a bit depressing. I need a new paperback book to read at the pool, after rereading the first Harry Potter book over the past few visits. Might check out some of the local Free Little Libraries.

Finally, here’s an interesting article from the Guardian on what climate scientists and similar types are doing in their own lives to combat climate change, and, on a related note, an article on how the same types of people deal with the emotions that attend knowing the world is screwed. I guess this has been on my mind a lot lately because of all the flooding that’s been going on locally. Perhaps I should add some pontoons to my wagon.




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