First Day of Spring

On this first day of spring, my bedroom garden is doing well.


Well, not the chives. I need to get rid of that pot or replant it. On Sunday, I harvested the parsley and used it in meatballs.


On this first day of spring, I ordered again from Philly Food Works. Brussels sprouts, basil, carrots, mushrooms and more will be on my doorstep when I get home from work tomorrow.

On this first day of spring… I saw the groundhog.

We’ve all been very busy the past few weeks. Aidan started playing travel soccer again. Gemma wrapped up basketball. There were some birthday parties in there. I had a handful of social outings myself. I haven’t had time to cook much. A few weekends ago, I did make mini buffalo chicken tacos, from a video recipe. They were fun! You cut mini shells out of flour tortillas, flip a cupcake tin over and use the bump outs to shape the shells while they bake. Ingenious! Although I had to line the underside with foil, because rust and gunk. Tastewise, the tacos were a little too spicy for us. Next time I would only make the chicken spicy, not the shell.

I have a new Saturday morning routine. Either before or after going to pick up the groceries, I sit down and pay the bills, add money to my train card, and add minutes to my cell phone, if needed. I have a new mini budget spreadsheet going where I track all expenses by pay period (in addition to my large monthly spreadsheet). This has been very helpful with staying on track budget-wise. I very much enjoy this routine and it makes me feel more in control. Have I mentioned that it’s very very nice to get paychecks again?

I’ve noticed a couple frugal hacks of late. I found some hair in the trash can and realized hubs cut his own hair again. He also has discovered the joys of the Dollar Store of late, and has been picking up all kinds of things there, most notably children’s Motrin, which we blew through quickly when everyone was sick recently. When the kids had to dress as what they want to be when they grow up for school during Dr. Seuss week, Gemma badgered me to buy kid-size scrubs so she could be a nurse. I found the scrubs on Amazon… then I talked her into being a CEO and dressed her up in a blouse of my mom’s, an old black slip of mine, a faux pearl necklace of her own, and tights of mine.


Sebastian refused to dress up entirely, though my plan for him was artist (paint smears on a T shirt). Dear Gemma, you can still be a nurse if you want, love Mom.

By the way her “business card” reads “CEO, Kittykat Enterprises.” This was dashed off by me at about 8:12 am. She also came up with her own saying: “This business isn’t going to run itself!” I suspect that was lifted from Boss Baby.

On the second day of spring, I left work early for a dentist appointment, so I was home and able to start cooking by 4:30 pm. It made me so happy to make a nice meal on a weekday (and to throw in wash, clean up a little, etc., etc.). I never thought I’d say that cooking could be a form of joy and relaxation for me. Crazy but true. I made chicken thighs adobo, mashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts that had literally just arrived on the porch. Today at work I’m eating the leftovers. So good. Aidan had leftovers in his lunch too (well, the chicken. With hot sauce added. Kid loves hot sauce). I need to remember next time though that the thighs take a really long time to cook on the stovetop. Like, 25 minutes (or else I need to be doing something else differently).

I am sooo looking forward to this weekend. I have nothing planned for Saturday. We might go see Grease at the high school. I might start onion seeds. I might make boxty like I wanted to last weekend before I had too many beers. I might go on a spring clothes shopping spree at Goodwill/Once Upon a Child. I might get a bag of Sour Patch Kids and finish reading The Happiness Project (I’m up to the Fourth Splendid Truth).

Enjoy this first weekend of spring!




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