A Whiteboard Christmas

On Saturday I had a great day of GSD (Getting Sh– Done). I popped out of bed, got some coffee in my system and attacked the dining room. I cleaned the windows, took the covers off the radiators and vacuumed all the bits of scraped-off wallpaper that had gotten in there, along with other crap (literally, guinea pig pellets). Then I painted the penultimate section of wall that needed paint. The ultimate section, the omega, the end of this long odyssey, is the bottom section of the two narrow walls near the windows. But they will have to wait til I buy more China White paint, and I can’t say when that will be. But, they will be easy to do, nothing is in front of them. Later, hubs helped me move the furniture back into place and I started to put away the contents of drawers that had been emptied for ease of moving. Now, all that’s left is to mop the wood floor, put away/deal with the glassware/books/etc. that are still on the table, and move the chairs back in. Then, decorate for Christmas. Later, try to find new (to me) curtains for the windows and otherwise redecorate. But that’s later.


No wallpaper! Glorious!


In the midst of this, Aidan wanted to use birthday money to go to lunch at Friendly’s, so I threw a coat over my painting clothes and took him and Gemma. It was a really nice lunch. In spite of being so focused on GSD, I didn’t feel rushed at Friendly’s and we had a pretty long leisurely lunch, rehashing vacations past and talking about Christmas and what Christmas was like when I was young. Oh yeah, and I printed a coupon off the Internet before we left and got $10 off the meal. Sweet.

After lunch, I finished painting; then it was onto the back yard, which had been starting to bother me. It was just a mess, with toys, firewood, and garden stuff all over. I had worked on it a few days prior so I continued cleaning up: taking down dead plants, adding them to the compost along with some leaves, gathering toys and trash. I keep seeing people say that its better for the environment not to rake leaves, and so this year I did not rake a single one.

While taking down the dead runner bean vines, I realized I was kind of balling them up, curving them… and that they curved rather nicely. Rather like a wreath. So at the end of my clean up I spent some time fashioning a wreath and tying it with string, and this morning I decorated it. Yay! Homemade wreath, and I don’t even have to forage through the neighborhood like last year.

The ribbon was part of my hoard of bits and baubles, and the fake peppermints came to me from my mom, from her hoard of bits and baubles.

Over the weekend, I also ruminated¬†on some ideas for Advent calendars, and Pinned some ideas. This is something I really wanted to do this year: have a calendar with activities/information geared toward nature, the seasons, the solstice, and also giving. This morning I gazed at my blank whiteboard in the kitchen and realized it would work just fine — inspired, perhaps, by a whiteboard at Friendly’s that somebody drew a Christmas masterpiece on in dry erase markers (not kidding).

So here’s the first day of the calendar. I also attached a little package of chocolate for the kids — my brother and sis in law just brought back a ton of chocolate from Hershey Park for the kids, so this will be a nice way to dole it out in a controlled fashion. The package is hanging from a shoelace that was originally attached by hubs to hold a dry erase marker.

Now, whether we will have time to really do activities, I don’t know. We’ll see. I found some cool things on Pinterest.

All hail the Christmas Pickle!

Had I known that whiteboards would replace blackboards, I might have become a teacher.

Sunday was also very productive, but lacking the same level of satisfaction as Saturday. probably because it was more mundane stuff like food shopping and getting lots of clothes ready to list on eBay. I’ve sold quite a bit since Thanksgiving, and I’ve got my rhythm down. Side note, I wore my Eagles shirt to Acme and got 5% off. I never knew til now that they do that.

I also applied for some part-time/seasonal work over the weekend. eBay can only take me so far. Can you picture me riding around in a UPS truck? Stay tuned.

In other news, I bought a Roku and changed our Verizon plan to the local channels plan, a savings of $27 a month. We are testing out the Roku, enjoying free trials of Netflix (Stranger Things!) and Sling. If everyone can get used to it, the plan is to get at least one more Roku for upstairs, and then negotiate a rate with Verizon that just includes Internet (maybe phone too). Ultimately, it should be cheaper. I just can no loner abide paying what I pay for cable and literally never liking anything that’s on. Like, nine times out of ten, not finding anything good.

Over the weekend, I saw several pumpkins out on the curb with people’s trash. No! I planned to grab them for my compost, then forgot. But in at least one case, someone else grabbed them, so that’s good.

I had a whole rant about self-sufficiency planned, but that will have to wait til next time. I have to do the whiteboard now, then list more stuff, then take Gemma and Sebastian to their yearly checkups. And do some more job hunting.


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