Long Time No Blog

14 days of school left. Something like 8 lunches left to pack. On June 17, I’m getting in the van and driving…  many hours, any direction.

It’s been a blur, the past few weeks, so just enjoy some random pictures and probably incomplete descriptions.

Strawberry season! We’ve been enjoying them from the farmers’ market… and from the backyard! We get a little bowlful about every other day. That’s homemade whipped cream with the cake. Sebastian gets excited now to pick and eat the strawberries (he prefers them sliced with a little bit of sugar).

Salad season continues as well.

Mother’s Day Brunch at Cecil Creek Farm was fun, tasty and just too cute:

Been to the farmers’ market twice, missed it this past weekend:


Reading this book passed along to me by my aunt, This Life Is in Your Hands, about a “back to the land” family in Maine in the ’70s — actually on a cape that was right near where we stayed last year. Very interesting so far, but clearly headed for a bad and tragic end 😦

The garden is looking well and enjoying all the rain we’ve had lately.


Rigged upside-down tomato cages for the pea vines to climb


Watermelon sprouts


Peas about to bloom


Potato plant






Runner beans


Cilantro and basil


Paris White lettuce (on te left)


Buttercrunch and Little Gem lettuce (middle and right)

Recently I transplanted some tomato and pepper plants, but I have more that need to go in. Plus more basil. Then to figure out pumpkins. Then I’m done, except for succession/fall planting. Wish I had gotten more carrots in — perhaps not too late.

One day recently, Aidan’s fourth grade class walked over to the community garden at the end of my street and planted seedlings with the help of our resident garden expert teacher. They seemed to enjoy it 🙂 We will be going back next month to see how the plants look. Me, I enjoyed seeing what other gardeners are up to.

Despite all the salads and fruit, still too much eating out and ordering in going on. I blame it on the busyness of this season, but that’s a cop-out. At least tonight we have gravy and meatballs from the freezer. They were made with parsley that’s growing inside, and basil from the freezer. Then I made pesto to use up the last of that basil.


Of course for every tasty cooking win, there’s a big fat fail like these mozzarella sticks. Some things just weren’t meant to be baked.


Then there’s the farmer’s market steak that I burnt the s– out of… Anyhoo…

This past weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, was nice. I got some gardening in, here and there. I spent all day Saturday at a town/school event (like 7 am to 5 pm), came home and played outside with my kids cause I felt guilty that they ended up mostly missing said event, then my legs fell off and I collapsed and went to bed. Sunday, I cleaned… compulsively. Just could not stop cleaning. Then went to a BBQ at my parents. Yesterday, more cleaning and laundry in the morning. Then the kids and I went a nearby park and then on to the mall, and I don’t know what it was but I really enjoyed it. I guess I had been so busy that it felt good to do something nonessential. And you know how I feel about consumerism but gosh I just love the mall sometimes. My mall, the Cherry Hill Mall. So clean and shiny and all the pretty things and good smells. The kids had a good time in the LEGO store and the Disney store and throwing pennies in the fountain. They got upset — especially Gemma — when I said we weren’t buying anything today. I said I wanted them to save their money for summertime. But they got over it. We did buy new sneakers for Aidan since his toes were literally poking through his old ones. I didn’t remember until the cashier handed me the receipt that I’m supposed to be boycotting Macy’s. Dang it. Well, I’m overdue for new sneakers myself, as well as a bathing suit, so I’ll have to shop well on those.

After the mall we went out to eat, to the Cheesecake Factory (I had a gift card). Their behavior was not the greatest, but they were making each other laugh so hard, I had to laugh too. They also, throughout the day, used my phone to take about 3,251 pictures of strangers (“We’re spies!”) so that my phone seized up this morning.

Just a little taste of the quality time we’ll be having together this summer!




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