Today I Am…

Rocking a full thrift-shop ensemble, except for shoes, coat and undergarments.

Going to a family party and not bringing a dish because I was told I didn’t need to. Resisting urge to spend money just for the sake of showing up with something.

Signing kids up for spring sports — costly, but worth it, I think.

Happy that yesterday I called my credit card and got a late fee taken off my account and emailed my bank about an overdraft fee that doesn’t make any sense. And happy that my $300 of unclaimed property from the State of New Jersey arrived (with interest).

Eagerly watching my latest eBay posting, a toddler Easter dress. Psyched that I was able to clear a small profit off my last listing (lot of boys’ clothes) by paying careful attention to shipping options. Ironing more clothes and thinking of ways to list them attractively. Pleased that I sold my leftover guinea pig supplies and the cage, as well as an old winter coat of mine, through Facebook (although I could have gotten more. Perhaps I need to read The Art of the Deal. Or not.)

Ordering more meats from Hillacres Pride, to be picked up in late February.

Mulling over CSA choices after going to Local Food for Thought, a gathering of CSAs and other local-food-related concerns at a local library. Gemma and I got to meet Rosebud, the “therapy chicken,” who travels to nursing homes and other places.

Annoyed that we ate so much pizza this week and that generally I was lax on good meals (with the exception of yummy homemade scalloped potatoes with Parmesan and Gruyere, using up cream I had leftover from something else, and homemade chicken soup, end of last week, using up the last of my homemade stock).

Aaaand… Ready for spring!






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