Winning and Losing, Super Quick Vaca Version

I’m up in Maine on our vacation but I thought I’d post a few highlights from the run-up to our departure.


Did not go grocery shopping — made do with what was in the house. When we left, the fridge was pretty bare!

Made strawberry freezer jam from farmers’ market strawberries

Made shrimp stir fry with carrots from the garden and farmers’ market green beans. The shrimp was from Belize via Wegmans and I think it was ethically produced. It certainly wasn’t cheap.

Picked two cups of basil leaves from the garden and blanched and froze them per The Kitchn

20160701_200559 (2).

Harvested two beautiful, smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom potatoes from my plant. The plant never flowered, so I was wondering what was going on and just dug around a little out of curiosity. I ended up eating them for dinner one night, fried up with garden carrots. I didn’t cook them long enough, but it was still cool to be eating potatoes that were so fresh and pure. No bumping across the country from Idaho.

I ate a lot of carrots last week. Here they are with mushroom gnocchi I dug out of the freezer, and garden parsley:

20160629_183945 (2)


Overdrew my checking account for the umpteenth time

Half a bunch of asparagus went slimy in the fridge

I had a few just-about-ripe strawberries on my plants. I decided to wait til the next morning to pick them. Overnight, something ate them, even with the bird netting on them. 😦  Hoping my parents get to pick and taste some while we are away.

They were riper than this, but this is the only picture I have:

20160628_190657 (2)

Grabbed a bag of clementines at my son’s request while buying some things for our trip at Target. Did not look at the label:

20160629_200333 (2)

Having a great time in Maine and will have plenty to report when I return!


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