I Love Lamp

Wow! If only I had re-read this blog post of mine from last year before I got the dog. Seems like I had my head on a little straighter this time last year.

To recap that post, last January I was toying with a whole bunch of possibilities for my life. Some of the things on last year’s list can definitely be dropped, without prejudice, as my legal peeps like to say: namely, having another baby or getting a dog. Those are out and I no longer have any mixed feelings about them. That is good.

Going back to school (in some fashion) and fixing up the house are definitely still on the table. So is writing in a serial manner. Things are busy right now with PTA; the summer or fall might be a better time to start something serious.

Most likely, I’ll pick a small house project to work on right now. Just as last winter I started my daughter’s room, I could work on the living room, foyer and dining room. Hopefully they won’t take as long as her room did.  At my mom’s party I realized we don’t even have adequate lighting in the living room (because we don’t spend much time in there). Plenty to be done in those rooms.

Or… I could start some kind of community group for my neighborhood. This is something new I’ve been chewing on. Or… a local chapter of Radical Homemakers (although I’m probably not radical enough).

Or… I could focus on food: growing it, learning about it. Let all the other stuff that I wasn’t so great at (haircutting cough cough) fall away, and focus on something that is always going to affect me and my family.

Looking back at 2015, some of my best moments were food-related. Growing pumpkins and corn was my favorite achievement. But I grew a bunch of other stuff, learned so much about gardening, cut back on food waste, generated and made use of compost, cooked a turkey for the first time, tried other new recipes.

My only issue with food is that the more you grow and make at home, the more time you spend in the kitchen. And I get very antsy once I realize I’ve been in the kitchen all day. One time my younger son said something along the lines of “Mommy’s job is to be in the kitchen,” and alarm bells went off. No no no, that is not my job and I don’t want you to think that.

Perhaps the answer to that is to build a kitchen out in the garage that could be my “work” kitchen. For testing recipes, processing garden vegetables, etc. Ooooooh. Now there’s a fun project I could get behind.

Oh well, we’ll see. I want to say that I will focus on one thing and give up other things, but I know I’m a dabbler and a dilettante, and the temptation to try something new (make my own candles! make my own cat food!) is always going to be there. And maybe that’s ok.

Friday, the kids had a half day. My husband and I had promised them guinea pigs to make up for the dog, and so we went out and came back with Oreo and Cookie. Friday night, I cooked, since we had ordered pizza Thursday. Saturday, I took the little kids to the Y for their first swim lesson. Make that half a lesson, because at exactly the wrong time, baby girl needed to poop, so we missed the start. They loved being back in the pool again though (they also got to do open swim while we were waiting for the lesson to start), so I’m glad we did this. I’m going to go swim laps myself today or tomorrow. After that, we traveled a bit further south to buy these lamps I saw on a Facebook yard sale, for my underlit living room. Pretty good deal — seven lamps, all matching and with shades, 4 floor lamps and 3 table lamps, for $110.

“Where did these come from?” I asked the lady.

“Oh, my friend has a warehouse in Philly with all this stuff in it and I’m selling it for her.”

All righty then.


Saturday night, we watched football. I had a craving I get about once a year, for Domino’s thin-crust pizza. I gave in and got it, since I hadn’t liked the pizza we got Thursday. It was so good, so just what I wanted. Also, any time you can order food on the computer and not talk on the phone, I’m in. And Domino’s has this timeline on the computer that shows you when they put the pizza in the oven, when it comes out, etc.. Mildly thrilling.

Sunday and Monday were kind of blah. Most of the weekend, I worked on this PTA event that went off yesterday. I did stop and make the pumpkin-gingerbread trifle that I never made at Christmas, for fun. I let the kids keep half the gingerbread plain, for their dessert.

Speaking of food: the PTA event was Multicultural Day, and I was in charge of the food tasting for the kids. A nice perk was that I got to try foods I’d never tried before. For instance, last Thursday I went around trying to get restaurants to donate food to the event. The very first place I went into was an Indian restaurant, Clay Oven Palace. I gave my spiel, and the owner, Kumar, insisted I try his food first. Well, OK. Meanwhile I’ve never had Indian food before. I sampled some stuff from the buffet, sat down and started eating, and loved it! Kumar watched approvingly, agreed to donate a tray of chicken tikki masala and one of rice, then insisted I take food home with me. Which I did, and had for lunch the next day. Soooo good! Thank you Kumar!

Of course, that led me to believe that all the restaurants would be so generous, and that was not quite the case. 🙂


Today, I am supposed to be just keeping it simple. Write, exercise, clean up the house I’ve been neglecting since Thursday. Tomorrow I will tackle the to-do list again.




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