Good Things

Feeling reenergized 🙂  I’ve been looking at ideas for summer vacations. I pulled off a surprise party for my mom on Sunday (couldn’t talk about it on here til now!). That is, my dad pulled it off; I really just helped, but we did have it at my house and I did a hell of a lot of cleaning. I’ve been thinking about living room paint colors again. Heck, I even signed the whole family up for the local YMCA and got the younger two into a swim class there on Saturday mornings. It was extremely beneficial to lay low last week and give myself permission to do the bare minimum. And I don’t want to overextend myself. But I’m certainly feeling more like my usual self this week.

In the spirit of not overreaching and not overanalyzing, I’m going to save my thoughts on my goals for this year for another day and just share a few good things:

Over break, before the dog situation started, I worked on my daughter’s room a bit. I hung some pictures and also hung these paper chains that I had picked up at duck duck goose a while back. One more piece of art for over her dresser, a light fixture, and curtains for her closet, and I’d call it done.  I’d like to come up with frugal solutions for these last elements. Curtains, small rugs, night stand… would be nice, but not necessary. Her bed is our spot for reading to both her and my younger son at night, and it feels nice and cozy in there.

Everything in this room is used or handmade except the chains, the blinds, the lamp, the pink-and-white shams and the white quilt.

Also over break, my friend and I saw the movie Brooklyn, about an Irish girl who moves to Brooklyn in the ’50s. Really enjoyed it… it was so romantic! Bonus: when I bought the tickets, I won a $25 Fandango gift certificate, instantly! So, J.N., now we can go see The Revenant.

Other small pleasures: looking through seed catalogs, reading Homespun Mom Comes Undone (I got it on my Kindle for $5; library doesn’t have it).

Today my younger son is home with pinkeye. It’s freezing out. I whipped up some whole wheat pancakes with buttermilk from the freezer, but I can’t seem to taste any of it, maybe because of my cold. Bummer.

Off to the doctor’s with him soon, and then need to continue the wash and come up with something for dinner. I don’t really want to take him out anywhere til his eyes clear up, so I guess we will be homebound.

Last week I did the December and January budgets. They were not great, but not too bad, considering Christmas and buying oil again. One good thing about the dog situation is that the organization gave me my adoption fee back. I gave them almost all the supplies I had bought. I do have a few things I can return to PetSmart.

My son wants to talk to me about ideas he has for making movies so I guess that’s it for now.

Edited to add: I forgot one of the best things: that my two younger kids have lately, all of a sudden, been both open to eating new things (and liking them), and oddly polite. I’m hearing “thank you” and “please” for every little thing I do for them. Not sure where all of this is coming from, but I love it!




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