I’ve been wanting to write a New Year’s post, one in which I sum up 2015 and lay out ideas for 2016. But I just don’t have it in me. While I am rearranging the calendar and making Christmas every other year, I’m also pushing New Year’s back to March 1.

Right now laying low seems like the best thing to do. I’m definitely in a bit of a seasonal funk, and the suddenly frigid weather, which has dried me out like beef jerky, plus perhaps a bit of a stomach bug, are not helping. When I realized that my calendar is empty today, tomorrow, and most of Friday, I rejoiced. Vegging, which usually is kind of hard for me, seems like the best thing ever. I cooked Monday and Tuesday nights and plan to tonight, and I’m going to get the Christmas stuff put away, but that’s about it.


Part of my funk stems from what happened during Christmas break. In the post-Christmas vacuum, getting a dog seemed like the best idea ever. I realized that it was last Christmas that I had started to really think about getting one, and I couldn’t believe a whole year had gone by. I went to an adoption event, one thing led to another, and we brought a puppy home. I don’t even want to write about it that much, I still feel sad about it. But it went something like this:

Heart: I want to save a puppy! I want to love a puppy! It would be so great for all of us! It’ll be hard and it will be a learning experience but it will enrich our lives so much.

Mind: You’ve got that secret money you’ve been squirreling away. Go for it. You can manage it.

Body: My stomach feels weird. I guess I’m just excited! Being a little nervous is natural.

After 48 hours of having a puppy:

Heart: No comment.

Mind: There’s never going to be a poop that comes from this dog that you don’t handle.

Body: This is what we call a Stage IV Revolt. No eating or sleeping is going to happen until you recognize what’s wrong here.

And so back puppy went to his foster home. He was super cute and super smart, and I’m sure he will be adopted. My husband and I just have way too much going on these days to add a dog to the mix (not that he even was involved, this was all me), and perhaps most importantly, I am just not a dog person, even though I wanted to be. Although part of me thinks I should have tried harder, mostly I’m relieved and I think it was the best thing to do to right the mistake quickly. End of the story, except that the whole thing dredged up a lot of emotions. I was crying my eyes out when I brought him back. Guilt, sadness, anger at myself for being foolish. Felt terrible for my oldest. (The other two have not said a word about the pup since he left. They were like, “Bye Sammy! Can I have a juice box?”)

So I’m feeling very cautious about everything and definitely not trying to make any big decisions about this coming year right now. I just want to take care of my kids, write, exercise, rest, and handle my PTA stuff. It’s plenty.

OK, I wasn’t going to put his picture in, but he’s such a cutie and maybe you or someone you know wants a puppy… let me know.



2 responses to “Hibernation

  1. You have enough to do. You made a wise decision . maybe when kids are older. Even then they may not want to do it. It is a lot of work. Surprised Roseanne didn’t want him. Try to make your new year easier on your self. Miss the kids. Give them a hug for me.

    • Hi Pat! We miss you too. I thought about asking Roseanne to take him, with me continuing to pay for his supplies, vet, etc. But I don’t think she would have. Too much work for her too. Thanks, I am definitely going to keep things easy, t least for a while 🙂

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