Comfort Food Is the Only Food

So very, very tired right now, but determined to write because it’s been a while. We had another successful week, very similar to the week before. A few lapses, but mostly on target. Last Sunday, I made gravy and we had fettucine. I also sautéed mushrooms and added them to thin slices of Italian bread, along with mozzarella and chopped up basil from my garden. Yum yummy. It was a nice, laid back day, and we were all together the whole day: taking a walk, watching football, listening to music.


I really need to work on my food photography skills.

Monday night was lapse no. 1: ordered pizza, in order to have time to make cupcakes for my older son’s birthday (to bring to school). But Tuesday and Wednesday, I made chicken soup using that stock I made a while ago, and then I roasted a pork shoulder for pulled pork. (Word Press is not letting me link to my post about the stock; I’ll try to fix that later.) First time I did pulled pork in the oven. It went much faster and came out just as good. I made homemade mac n cheese to go along with it. The best part is that there is a ton left, and I froze it in portions, so that is at least three or four meals (and some of the pork is still plain).


Chicken soup


I wanted to bake something besides cupcakes, but that never happened. It was a pretty busy week, appointment-wise. But this week I have to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving, so that should be interesting. Not to mention that I am making a turkey for the first time. I spent a while today coming up with my game plan and recipes and final shopping list (I went on Friday too) and timeline. The gravy worries me the most. I will no doubt end up buying some Heinz gravy as a backup. It’s all fun though — I’m enjoying the prep. So far.

Thursday night was leftovers; Friday was turkey sandwiches. Saturday was pizza again, after further birthday celebrations and more cupcakes. I made filled cupcakes for the first time, with this frosting gun I have. Fun and easy and heads off the problem of kiddies eating only the top of the cupcake.


Tonight, everyone just kind of ate whatever, but I made French toast for my daughter and me using brioche rolls that were leftover from the turkey sandwich night. I used a Barefoot Contessa recipe. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted for dinner.

One more thing: last Saturday night my husband and I stopped in my new favorite store, Clutter, after we went out to eat for our 10-year anniversary. We poked around a while and then went to leave. Just then, right by the door, I spied two cast-iron pans. I’ve been talking about getting one forever, and it was on my mind after making the steaks the night before. Steak recipes always suggest a cast-iron pan. So they were  my anniversary present. Fitting, no?







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