Dirt Cheap

Spent a lot of time in the garden this weekend, and the result is another raised bed, planted with 16 hills of corn. Also, pain. Lots of pain. I’ve been having this issue for a long time with my left leg where I have sharp pain coming down from my back into my leg and lately also from the upper inner thigh; I guess I aggravated it over the weekend because it was really bad today. I suppose I should go to my doctor but first I will spend some more time hoping it goes away.

Friday night, someone on the Facebook yard sale listed free dirt (she had just had a pool installed). So with the help of my brother-in-law, we got roughly two trash cans’ worth and brought it back home. It was pretty good dirt but some of it was rather rocky. At one point I was squatting there sifting it with the kids’ sand sifter. Not a very efficient way of getting the rocks out, but I was fascinated by how soft and silky the dirt was after it came through. I mixed that dirt with a few bags of garden soil and got the seed corn in there on Sunday night. My friend F. gave me some more seeds when she visited, including beans, parsley, and dill. And I forgot that I still have zinnia and hollyhock seeds. But I’d say the big planting push is over. The chapter of Farmer Boy that we read tonight was actually all about the spring planting and how they had to work like crazy to get everything planted on schedule.

Latest eatins

Latest eatins

It was dreadfully hot on Saturday. I could only work in the garden in the morning and evening. In between, I was inside doing stuff with the kids and washing sheets, and I ended up cleaning out and reorganizing the linen closet. Good God, what nasty old sheets I was hanging on to.

20150530_144834 20150530_144827

I also ticked a few other items off my to-do list that had been on there for weeks, so that felt good.

Sunday, I took the kids about an hour away to see my sister and nephew. We went swimming at a lake near her house and had the thrill of seeing a water snake zip by us.


This week, it’s all about the yard sale that we are having on Saturday. I hobbled up and down from the cellar today, carrying up big bins of old toys and stuffed animals. I want it gone! I have held on to too much for too long. I have some ideas for merchandising this stuff on the front lawn. Signage is going to be key. I want people to be able to see at a glance that these are summer girls’ clothes, size 18 months, $1 a piece. I’ve been to too many yard sales where I had no idea what I was looking at. But it’s going to take a lot of work and forethought. As long as we make $25 to recoup the cost of registering… I would probably give the rest away. The toys, anyway. Just take them.


In addition, my sister’s shower invitations need to go out, and I am supposed to print the mailing labels, which somehow I’ve never done before. There’s some PTA stuff going on, and Little League playoffs. My dishwasher is broken so that’s cool. I skipped grocery shopping today, because there was a chance of downpours and thunderstorms (I love being my own boss). So that needs to happen early tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I am giving up couponing once and for all, but more on that later.

Today was a nice, chill day. It never did really rain, not until dinnertime; it was just cloudy and cool. Baby girl and I had a pleasant walk. Down the end of the street, on the back of the old animal hospital, we discovered this mural. It’s always been there but I never really looked at it before.



3 responses to “Dirt Cheap

  1. I’ve never had luck couponing. I’ve tried a few times but never ever had luck to save more than a dollar or two, I guess my brain doesn’t work like that. Our food spending is out of control lately though so I’ve got to figure something out soon.

    Maybe the leg pain is sciatic nerve pain? I have a paper from the doctor with exercises to stretch you out if you think it might be. Just let me know if you want a picture of it or Google stretches, they do help!

  2. My guess is that it is the sciatic nerve pain. Thank you, I will Google the stretches. It really comes and goes. It seems better when I wear sneakers instead of flip flops, but hey it’s summer, I have to wear my flops.
    My main beef with couponing is that mostly they are for processed foods. I think they are leading me down the wrong path. I’m going to blog about it. I wouldn’t feel bad about not doing it! I think just following the store sales is enough.

  3. I totally agree with you about the processed stuff! Usually when I looked for them I didn’t find anything that I’d actually buy! I thought I was doing it wrong 🙂 I try to only buy what’s on sale, it’s produce that really gets us but we have a produce junction on the other side of town I should really be going to. We mostly spend our money on drinks I think, and they are so bad! If I could just stick to water like I used to we’d save a ton of money and calories! Self disiplune is not my biggest strength tho 😦

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