Winning! (And Losing)

Recent nonconsumer/life fails:

  • I didn’t update the May budget from May 1 until May 21. Whereupon I discovered I’m out of money. Oops. Kind of a problem when there are 10 days left in May.
  • In the spirit of perversity, ordered Thai food for dinner after updating the budget because I was depressed (used yard sale cash).
  • Prior to the budget realization, took my daughter to Duck Duck Goose’s new location, which was fun, but bought some arts and crafts stuff and bedroom décor for the kids that totaled $40.
  • My attempt at redeeming expired 1-800-Contacts rebates failed.
  • Paid for a haircut for baby girl rather than trying it myself.
  • Found my old watering can after buying a new one.

Recent wins:

  • We have been eating up more of the produce I buy and wasting (composting) less.

First garden produce

  • Went on the elliptical for the first time in forever.


  • Got a $26 eBates check in the mail.
  • Have earned two free Wawa coffees so far by using their app.
  • Found some lumber in the garage I could use for another raised bed for more corn (although don’t have any money left for soil).
  • Cooked an awesome dinner Friday night: Pan-Seared Mahi Mahi in Garlic Lime Marinade. I had all the ingredients on hand including real lime juice in the freezer. The kids tasted the fish and ate the side dishes.
  • Made milk-water spray for pumpkins and squash and treated the leaves.
  • Resisted planning a getaway for this holiday weekend, and then found out one of my best friends from college is passing through on Sunday and wants to visit! I haven’t seen her since… 2008?
  • Entertained the kids yesterday by taking them on the train to the city; it was my oldest’s idea and he bought the tickets and paid for half of lunch (out of pocket for me: $10).
  • Cut the boys’ hair myself.
  • Some new kids moved into one of the houses behind us, so my kids have someone new to play with on this long weekend.
  • My friend loaned me the new, crazy-annotated Pioneer Girl by Laura Ingalls Wilder!!

Hope you are having a nice Memorial Day Weekend. Remember that strictly speaking, Memorial Day is for those who died in the wars, while Veterans Day is for surviving vets. For people like Greg Dalessio, whom I went to school with.

Do you know this famous poem?

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