Introducing… My Lifestyle Brand

So I heard that Reese Witherspoon started her own lifestyle brand. I don’t follow celebrities too closely but I gather that this is a thing, the most famous example being Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop.

This got me thinking, last night as I was falling asleep. What if McGuire Domestic Enterprises had a lifestyle brand?

I came up with am awesome name: Freegal. Get it? Sounds like frugal. And I’m a gal who wants to feel free by living simply. And I’m a gal who likes free stuff. Unfortunately, Freegal is already a thing. Probably my subconscious had already heard of it.

So I’m still working on the name. But I know what fabulous products you could buy:

The fall collection: long-sleeved T-shirts in every possible color, mom jeans, and sneakers.
The spring collection: short-sleeved T-shirts in every possible color, khaki shorts, and flip-flops.

A “vintage glass” (salsa jar) pen-and-pencil holder.


A milk jug upcycled into a watering can.


A plastic storage container upcycled into a planter.


Ok, that’s all I’ve got. Stay tuned for more fabulous MDE products.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m enjoying leftover enchiladas for lunch that I made the other night. So far this week there have been two impulse fast food/snack buys. Not too bad considering that it was kind of a busy week after all. I had a Mother’s Day Tea to attend yesterday afternoon for my younger son. Little League team pictures were last night. I completely forgot about the “parents’ night” on Wednesday night regarding my younger son’s entering kindergarten in the fall (oh well, I never went to the one for my older son either). I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, and there was the allergist visit on Wednesday afternoon. Tomorrow my BFF’s daughters arrive for the weekend, there’s a Little League game at noon, a special Mass I have to go to at 4pm and a family get-together after that. (And it’s the neighboring town’s town-wide yard sale day!) Sunday is Mother’s Day; I have no plans so far, but if I could garden all day that would be divine. If the kids want to buy me a hanging flower container for the front porch, that is OK too 🙂

I’ve decided to focus on the garden, rather than my daughter’s room, so I can get everything planted. In addition to the pumpkin seeds and corn, I have new seedlings (tomato, yellow squash, and other pumpkins) to plant. I could plant basil and cilantro too. Then there’s the front garden — I just bought seeds for four-o-clock flowers, and I have zinnia seeds. Earlier today I picked up a “build-your-own” raised bed kit, since I’m out of stuff to upcycle. Supposedly, no tools are needed.

But, speaking of her room, I got a bookshelf for it, finally. Craigslist, local, $40, all wood, perfect size and style. Done.

Have a great weekend! Thanks to an idea in one of those “1000 Most Disgusting Things” books, my son and I are now going to make dough so we can make fake poop. Yay!

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