I am having a very busy day, and tomorrow is my birthday, so I am just posting some fun links today.

Life on the farm in Texas: Mama Chicken Gardens (a member of the Nonconsumer Advocate FB group).

Want to let someone else farm your land for you? Read this article.

More about my downtown: City Girl Writes

A movie about processed food: Fed Up (also learned about this from the NCA-ers)

Disclaimer: I haven’t looked at these in depth yet (except the farm-your-yard one). Busy with my kid’s talent show, covering my garden with a tarp to discourage critters, updating the budget and paying bills, and dealing with my younger son’s new crippling fear of bees.

I will say I had a really great day with my daughter yesterday. It’s the kind of day that I thought, before I left work, that every day as a SAHM would be like. (Ha!) The best part was in the morning, when we spent some time painting at the picnic table out back. She turned a shoebox into a treasure chest (i.e., glopped all different colors of paint all over it), and I painted the rest of the dresser knobs Athens Blue. The air was so perfectly cool and just a little breezy, and the breeze carried the scent of the opening lilacs right to us. Made me want to plant lots and lots of fragrant flowers, since the lilacs are the only aromatic ones I have right now. (My roses smell nice up close, but the smell doesn’t travel.)

Have a great weekend. My husband is planning a surprise for my birthday. Boy it would be great if the trim in my daughter’s room got finished. Just sayin’! I certainly would be surprised!


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