Tangled Up in Blurg

I had a nice weekend. But that seems far away already. This week, I seem to be fighting off some kind of illness — I am tired and achy and very blah. I was napping in the afternoon yesterday, and last night I fell asleep around 9:45 and basically slept the whole night through. I never do that, so something is up.

Over the weekend, I gave my daughter’s dresser drawers a fresh coat of white paint, and started to paint the white ceramic knobs blue. And oh yes, I settled on a blue: “Athens Blue,” by Benjamin Moore. That is really, truly it. I had actually bought a sample of it a while ago, tested it on the headboard, and didn’t like it, but like old high school flames on Facebook, me and Athens Blue have reconnected, and somehow it’s just so right this time.

Stuck the knobs into cardboard and spray painted them with self-etching primer

Stuck the knobs into cardboard and spray painted them with self-etching primer

The guys are very, very close to being done the trim in her room. I found a Holly Hobby queen size flat sheet on Etsy and bought it. Things could really start to come together soon!


Yesterday I took my daughter to Wegmans to food-shop. I’m annoyed at ShopRite after they gave me a pack of pork chops that instantly spoiled. But if I’m going to make the switch back to real food shopping, I’ve got to get my head in the game. Wegmans’ prices are very good, but I can’t let baby girl throw anything in the cart that she wants (“Frozen” yogurt cups, Ritz crackers, more) just to keep her happy, and we can’t be eating lunch there ($16?!). And most importantly, I can’t forget to give the cashier my coupons! Ugh.

The garden is also floundering. I think I started a little too early this year. I don’t seem to have that many seedlings left. I took them inside when we had frost warnings, but I still think they are struggling a little. It doesn’t help that something is still digging around in there at night. The hardware store guy recommended a hot pepper spray, so I need to get on that. Poor drainage may also be an issue, especially with the reusable shopping bags. In any event I will certainly be doing more rounds of plantings.

In other news, I hit up some yard sales over the weekend and found some boys’ clothes in good condition that were only 25 cents a piece. In retrospect, I probably could have bought the whole bunch (most of it was sizes that I could not use) and resold it for more on eBay. But I think I have enough projects going on, and knowing me, I’d end up losing money. I also went to Goodwill on Friday and found cloth napkins for everyday use, and a summer purse for me. I’ve never in my life been into purses, but at $5 a pop, I could be. My younger son, the table-setter, was excited to use the napkins. 🙂


I also went to Kohl’s on Friday, to use up some Kohl’s Cash that was about to expire — $30 of it that my husband had earned. I spent it on socks for my daughter and a throw pillow for her room. All the home furnishings were catching my eye: a lot of “rustic” and “weathered” doo-dads. But I resisted, and with my new expertise in spray paint, I feel pretty sure I could come up with something on my own. In fact, I remembered I have a bunch of old IKEA lanterns that might look good with some aqua spray paint.


The focus this week is on getting my oldest prepared to be in his school’s talent show on Friday night. He and his buddies are doing a sort of mock synchronized swimming skit. We had an intensive practice on Sunday, and I think they will be able to pull it off. Fingers crossed.

I also really need to go through the downstairs and put stuff away that has been hanging around (Easter baskets), finish switching out the winter clothes (almost done), and handle some administrative stuff.

I’ve noticed that I always freak out at the beginning of the week, and feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, but by Friday everything is usually under control and I even have free time. So I’ve been trying to remind myself on Mondays/Tuesdays that I have the whole week, and that everything will in fact get done…

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