Making the Most of a Wedding Registry

My sister is going to create a registry this weekend, in advance of her wedding this fall, and she asked me if I had any suggestions. Oddly enough, a couple months ago I started but never finished a post that was kind of meant for her about which household items are most useful. So here it is now.

Things I Registered For That I Shouldn’t Have:

Deep fryer (it was really fun! For a little while)

Turkey roaster

Fondue set (see: deep fryer)

Wine glasses (I already had some, and between the registry ones and other ones people gave me, I have a lot now)

In general, just say no toΒ those gadgets that seem so tempting but that you no doubt will be trying to unload at a yard sale five years from now: waffle iron, bread maker, margarita maker, whatever George Foreman is selling now.

Just say no source: Kasawa

Just say no
source: Kasawa

Things I Registered for That Really Are Useful:

My OXO (Macy’s) manual can opener. Just broke after nearly 10 years of service.

My All-Clad (all stainless steel) cookware

My Kitchen-Aid stand mixer (although, I’ve been using a regular mixer more lately, and it gets the job done)

Handheld cheese grater

Folding chairs

A double-burner griddle (now I have both a flat one and a ridged one)

Cookie sheets

Down comforter

Sheets. Get lots of sheets, all sizes, for all the beds you may not even have yet!

Microwave vegetable steamer (OK, that one was from Pampered Chef)

Quality knives

Nice china. I know a lot of people come to regret their fine china, but I’ve used mine a lot. I enjoy bringing it out on special occasions or just to fancify a dinner. That said, the fancy coffee cups and saucers never seem to get used, so I have packed them away. I also would not register for fancy silverware. I didn’t receive all the settings, and didn’t bother to buy them myself, so I just have a few slightly fancier forks, knives and spoons floating around. I recommend just getting the plates and bowls — and they don’t have to be “china,” per se. They could just be a second set that aren’t for everyday. And the accessories: gravy boat, butter dish, etc.

Other Good Things:

Ice bucket

Mixing bowls of various sizes

Pyrex measuring cups/bowls with spouts, various sizes

Pyrex baking dishes

Colanders of various sizes and hole size

A sifter

A mesh strainer


Meat thermometer

Various types of large spoons and forks

Cutting boards: one for meat, one for other stuff

A potato ricer (supposedly great for making lump-free mashed potatoes; I don’t have one) or a potato masher

A good classic cookbook (probably not needed in this era, but I’m old-fashioned)

Things I Wish I Had Registered For:

A food processor

Tablecloths and cloth napkins

A composter πŸ™‚

A rain barrel πŸ™‚

Sterno trays and electric food warmers

Heating pads

A Crock-Pot

A quality vacuum and a dustbuster

A drying rack for clothes

And if I really could do it all over again, I’d buy everything at thrift stores and not register. πŸ™‚

Like many people these days, my sister has been keeping house for a while now; she is not starting from scratch. But stuff wears out; I think it’s a fine opportunity to upgrade the tools of the household or get something you’ve always wanted. Be creative. Need a new blow dryer? Stick it on there. Most people just want to know what you need and are happy to get you something within whatever budget they’ve set. Some people will always just give you cash. Some people will get you something that they just thought you would like. It’s all good πŸ™‚

Any household item you feel should be in one of these categories?

One response to “Making the Most of a Wedding Registry

  1. This is a great post! We have pretty much everything you could possibly need but I find that you can never have enough serving ware like utensils and dishes, if you ask me! I always feel like I’m short on one serving spoon, fork or plate or another.
    It’s great that you have a down comforter on here, I wouldn’t have thought of that but along those lines some nice pillows, a wool blanket and nice towels might be good, too!
    This is a fun post I could go on and on about the things I wish I could buy lol have fun with your sister πŸ™‚ I don’t think we will be registering for our wedding because we have almost everything we need but it sure sounds like fun!

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