Good Catch?

A couple things that happened last week:

As far as stretching out the groceries, I only made it to Thursday. Riots were simmering over the lack of Goldfish crackers, etc. When I picked up my order at ShopRite, and they brought me out my debit card receipt to sign, I realized (after the girl went back inside) that they only charged me $58; the other $140 or so was charged to SNAP (food stamps).

Did I peel out of there and thank Uncle Sam for the glitch? Or did I have the glitch fixed? Answer in the comments. See how well you know me 🙂 Honesty vs. frugality cage match.

Wednesday, I had lunch with my friend J. It was great to catch up! We also did a little shopping for Easter candy at Aunt Charlotte’s, which has the best homemade chocolate ever. Before lunch, I almost finished painting my daughter’s room. Ran out of paint; just have to finish one wall.

Aunt Charlotte goodies

Aunt Charlotte goodies

Thursday, two of our former sitters came to visit, which was so fun. It had been a long time! That night my husband and I went out in the city and had a great dinner at The Dandelion. Friday, we laid low, befitting Good Friday. Saturday I took the younger kids on a mad dash of errands. I ended up buying myself a new dress for Easter at Kohl’s. It’s a casual dress I can wear all summer. I stuck it on my Kohl’s card; I hardly ever use that credit card, maybe once a year. It doesn’t feel like real money. Saturday night my husband and I went out again, which I thought was overkill, but he said Thursday didn’t count because his stomach was hurting and he didn’t enjoy dinner. Whatever you say, if you’re paying!

So I really need to catch up on the budget and close out March. I’ve definitely been a little loose with the purse strings since April started. Also, since the kids are on spring break, I’m in “vacation” mode/mood. Which means I’ve taken them out to lunch twice already, and for dinner we’ve just had leftovers/cereal/whatever. Not good! I am cooking tonight though, and doing wash, and making banana bread, and other homey stuff today. Getting back on track. Planting sunflower seeds, if it doesn’t rain. Right now, my husband took the kids out to give me a break (the Wednesday sitter canceled this week), so I am downloading lots of music and searching for light fixtures and spray paint online. I could do this all day… Dylan, the Band, and my new old favorite, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Jersey Boys is on nearly every time I turn on HBO. Those songs bring me back to riding around in the car with my parents when I was little.

Monday fun at Rittenhouse Square

Monday fun at Rittenhouse Square

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