Fifty Shades of Pink

Sat down to blog, looked at the browser tabs that were still open, and realized they tell the tale of the day pretty well:

Swagbucks. Facebook. Visit and Philly Fun (looking for something to do this weekend). The local YMCA (looking for swimming lessons). Etsy (stuff for the bedroom redo). All Recipes (homemade chocolate frosting for cupcakes). Pizza place menu (ordering dinner). YouTube (some kind of video about playing MarioKart — when my son commandeered the laptop).

I should be painting right now, but I’m too tired. All week I’ve been trying to get in that bedroom and do what I can. I painted for a bit on Wednesday afternoon (we did not go to the movies). I got in there again yesterday morning, and also this morning and afternoon. Basically, I do what I can until I start to feel guilty for neglecting the kids (or they start running amok). It’s a pain because I’m doubling (or tripling) my set-up and clean-up efforts. But at least it’s something. As usual, it’s a bigger job than I thought — there was a lot of sanding to do, and there is a lot of patching yet to be done. The drywall work that my husband did in there eight years ago was not his finest effort. Really, a lot more of the room should be ripped out and redone. But I don’t care. Just let me slap some paint on there and make it look new and different.

It was pleasant to be in there today with the snow falling outside.


“Elephant Pink” is the winning shade of pink, by Benjamin Moore. Can’t wait to get it on there! I’ve also been looking through tons of Holly Hobbie stuff on Etsy. I don’t know how I got started with that, but I’m pretty sure some HH stuff will end up in there. I am cuddled up with my very own early 80’s HH blanket right now. I was leaning toward a farmhouse feel for the room anyway, and HH goes perfectly with that. I mean, you know, the suburbanite’s idea of what farmhouse means. Now do I get the Holly Hobbie water pitcher? Or the wall plaque? I suppose I could just give her my blanket, but it’s starting to fall apart and also IT’S MINE.

So we did get 3 or so inches of snow today. I canceled my appointment, and the two little kids and I bounced around all morning from doing wash to getting out the Easter baskets to building forts to TV to painting. In the afternoon we walked over to school to pick up my oldest, and when we got home the two boys and I had a serious snowball fight. The snow was so perfect for snowballs. We were soaked when we came in. It felt great to just run around like a fool.

Then somehow I got the bright idea to make cupcakes, so that took up a lot of the remaining afternoon and evening. The chocolate icing was easy and delicious.

The laptop battery is dying, and so am I, so that’s it for now.



2 responses to “Fifty Shades of Pink

  1. Sounds like you had a busy day! I know what you mean when you say you work on the room little bits at a time.. It took me 2 months to paint my dining room because of time restraints. It is such a pain to set up everything over and over but you do what you have to, right? Do you have plaster walls? I ask because you said that you should rip more down and re-do them. We have them and they are a major pain 😦

    I love those windows and Holly Hobby sounds great! It reminds me of being little and carefree, really great idea and the colors would be beautiful! I Googled your paint color and it’s really pretty!

    We are joining the YMCA in Ambler and I can’t wait! I’ve never had a membership before but there is so much there for the whole family! I desperately need exercise and they have baby sitting so I can go whenever and won’t have to depend on someone here staying with the baby 🙂

  2. That room doesn’t have any plaster walls; we took them out eight years ago when we were getting the room ready for my oldest. But my hubs did not do a great job on the drywall back then (we were in a rush, etc.). But I don’t think it’s worth completely redoing now. We have just a few rooms left now that still have plaster. And they will probably stay that way 🙂
    That’s great about the Y. I am thinking we should join ours too, the whole family. I have to see if it has babysitting…

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