I’m happy it’s March, even if it’s going to snow tomorrow. March is ambiguous, neither winter nor spring. No big holidays or pressure to do something cool (now that I don’t go on the Erin Express pub crawl anymore, at least). Only one family birthday (my MIL). March = just hanging out. The sun set at 5:58 pm tonight and Daylight Savings Time is coming. The angle of the sun in the sky is higher. I can dream about summer, but cozy jammies and hot chocolate are also still acceptable. Yep, I like March.

Monday was my grandfather’s wake/funeral/burial/luncheon. Many thanks to everyone who called, texted, commented, sent cards and/or came to the services. It was a long day, and I was exhausted by the end. We had a “scrounge” night for dinner — leftovers, soup, etc.

Tuesday, I pushed my daughter in her stroller to CVS, about eight blocks away. I needed exercise, and I got it — trying to get the stroller through the ice/snow/mud/muck/water that covered the last block before CVS, I felt like the Ingalls trying to cross the Mississippi before the ice broke. At least they didn’t have to deal with random a–holes driving by honking and pointing at them.

Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs, with gravy from the freezer, so that was two slacker meals in a row.

Today, Wednesday, my BFF came up from her home about an hour away, and we went out for a late breakfast. It was great to hang out with her :). I didn’t get much done after that. For dinner, I made ground turkey tacos and also quesadillas. The kids wouldn’t eat the turkey, so there was also some leftover spaghetti in the mix. My husband got home late, and I was happy to have the whole little taco spread out and waiting for him. I nuked the turkey for him, then took my daughter upstairs for a bath. A few minutes later he came charging up the stairs.

“That turkey is BAD! I almost threw up! I dug the package out of the trash and the date says January 31!!!”

Yeah, that was when I bought it. It’s been in the freezer. I ate it and I’m fine. But no, now he thinks there is something wrong with it. So no turkey tacos for him. And a whole lotta leftover turkey. Urrgh.

In other news, I’m trying to close out the February budget and get a handle on March. We had a not-small deficit for February, which stinks, but as I was saying the other day, it was the most expensive month we’ve had in a while.

Back on Sunday morning, I took the kids to Home Depot to get them out of the house before the weather deteriorated. I caved and spent $20 on a seed starter kit. I also let them pick out one packet of seeds each, so now we have sunflowers, cat grass, and some other flower I never heard of to plant. I’m hoping to get seeds going soon, like this week.

On the yard sale front, I sold some curtains for $12, two bags of kinetic sand for $6, and a skirt of mine for $5, and I have a pending sale for this weekend. It seems so random, what sells and what doesn’t. Just have to keep throwing stuff up there and see what happens. I also went through my sons’ closet on Sunday and set aside some clothes for my nephew and some to sell to the Nesting House.

The most enjoyable thing I’ve been up to is reading The American Way of Eating by Tracie McMillan. I caved (again) and got it on my Kindle. I’ve wanted to read it for so long; I tried to do an interlibrary loan, but it got lost in the sauce or something. My mom had given me her copy of Gone Girl, but I just couldn’t get into it. So I bought McMillan’s book on Sunday and I’ve been devouring it (ha ha) whenever I can. It’s a lot like Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickeled and Dimed, but with a focus on food. McMillan goes undercover as a farm worker, an Applebee’s kitchen employee, and a Walmart grocery employee to learn about how food gets from farm to table, and about American eating habits. Really interesting, so far. Well, to me, anyway. This is like my version of reality TV.


4 responses to “March

  1. OMG my husband is the same way with freezer food. I have tried time and time again to explain to him that it was FROZEN so the expiration date doesn’t apply but as soon as he see’s that date it’s game over. I’ve taken to throwing out the trash before he can get a chance to dig 😉 He won’t dig through the dumpster so problem solved! Sorry for the loss of your grandfather. Many prayers and wishes that you can get some peace. It’s hard. I lost my grandfather and my grandmother and I sometimes still cry when I realize what they are missing in life but I try to remember something my grandmother told me when I was younger and it was simply that “death is just another part of life.” It kinda helps. I’m also sorry about the assholes that honked at you those jerks!

  2. Thanks 🙂 I really am glad for him, I know he’s at peace. But like you’re saying, I wish he and my other grandparents were still here. They were a huge part of my life and I wish they could know my kids.
    As for my husband — to be fair, he did have a horrible bout of food poisoning once a long time ago, ended up in the hospital. But he drives me nuts. That’s funny that yours is the same way.

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