Coupon Savings for This Week Are…

30%. Spent $165, saved $70.

Best deals were Barilla pasta for 66 cents a box; a 20-ounce box of Bisquick for $1; Friskies cat food cans for 40 cents; and a box of Lucky Charms for 50 cents. Yes, Lucky Charms break one of the Food Rules (“don’t eat cereal that changes the color of the milk”), but I only buy them once in a great while.

I had $19 in coupons that included $9 in ShopRite Family Points. But ShopRite is doing away with that program (you earned points for buying certain items), so that will probably be the last time I have those points.

Not too bad considering we had a very busy weekend, including the baptism of my sweet little nephew on Sunday.


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