Sale Alert!

My friend Farrah has alerted me that at Old Navy right now, they are taking an extra 50% off clearance items $4.99 and under, making for some great deals, on kids’ clothes in particular. I would definitely break the Compact for a sale that good, but I don’t know if I will make it over there. Let me know if any of you do. Not sure how long this sale lasts.

In other news, I planted pumpkin seeds in my indoor pods, made this citrus-infused vinegar for a homemade cleaner (it has to sit for two weeks to infuse), and I’ve got laundry on the line. I’ve got the energy that comes from eating malted chocolate eggs nonstop.

And I am once again out of money going into the last week of the month. Time to dig around in the couch for spare change, see if I have any restaurant gift cards hiding in a drawer, and get very creative in the kitchen.


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