Green Festival Fun

I took the kids to our town’s Green Festival on Saturday. There was quite a lot going on, more than I expected. For the kids, there was an area that had hula hoops, bubbles, and chalk set up, as well as face painting. They also got to pet some chickens, at the booth of a local farm/education center. All my favorite local thrift shops had booths. Other businesses offering “green” products or services were there as well: soaps, textiles, home improvement. We saw a lady actually spinning wool on a spinning wheel and I just about fell over myself to point this out to my daughter, since we have been reading “Sleeping Beauty” a lot and the spinning wheel figures so prominently in it. There was a yummy looking whole-grain bakery, whose name I can’t remember (from Northeast Philadelphia). There were lots and lots and lots of seedlings, plants and trees for sale. A giant document-shredding truck was there to take your papers and there were baskets set up to collect old shoes. And of course there were the causes/petitions/education booths. Add the groovy sounds of a local band, the wonderful smells coming from the food tent set up by a local Mexican restaurant, and the beautiful weather, and I was happy.


Herbs and plants for sale




All in all it was fun, but I would have liked to go by myself so I could maybe actually learn some things (and take better pictures). The kids got impatient if I lingered anywhere too long. I did remember to sign up for a rain barrel, so someone should be contacting me about it.

I liked this booth:

20140412_113439 20140412_113532

They had some good info about trash, recycling and more. You can see the sign about the “1-bag challenge.” That’s about reducing trash for a family of four to one 13-gallon bag per week. In a pocket somewhere I have a flyer they gave me about steps you can take to meet that challenge. You go high school kids!

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