100% Fun

Let’s just talk about fun stuff this cloudy cool Friday.

1. How about frugal travel to California.

2. Speaking of California, my song of the week, Goodnight, California, by Kathleen Edwards.

3. I thought today was Frappe Friday at McDonald’s ($1 frappes), so I allowed myself to go get one this morning, but alas, that promotion must be over.

4. A novelist I love whose two newer books I need to find. I may need to join the county library system; my town library never seems to have specific books I want. Rita Ciresi, and the books are Remind Me Again Why I Married You and Sometimes I Dream in Italian.

5. Laundry success: I got the formula stains out of the baptism outfit! Many thanks to this website. Highly recommend Biz and blue Dawn for this stain.

6. My latest real estate crush:


I have a thing lately for Colonials. This one appears to be a big dump inside… just how I like ’em. This is just a few blocks away from me, so I can stalk it quite easily.

7. And if I get done the blah stuff I have to do today, I will start planning my birthday. Ladies night in Atlantic City? Go see Aimee Mann? Both? All rightie.

Happy Friday y’all.

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