Real Estate Lust

Just took a nice long walk on this wonderful vernal equinox. What’s my favorite thing about spring? Houses go on the market. I love, love, love real estate. If I liked people, I could have been a heck of a real estate agent. My usual walking/jogging route takes me by the current object of my lust, a white cottage-type house with a unique curving front porch, a massive stone fireplace, and an inground pool. Each time I approach it, I let myself dream that this time, it will have a For Sale sign out front. Just like I’m allowed to cheat on my husband if I ever run into Bradley Cooper, this is the house I’d dump my house for.

In terms of consumerism, buying a house is the ultimate thrill. My husband and I used to flip houses, so I’ve been at the closing table many a time. I don’t get excited over shoes or purses or cars, but if I had the money I’d have quite a collection of houses. I’d change houses every season, instead of coats or hair color. As you might have guessed, I kick ass at Monopoly.

So there’s the thrill of making a big purchase, and then there’s the continuing thrill of being a property owner. Property has always equaled power. Things might be changing — have you read this? — but as for me, I’ll always love houses.

Of all my houses, this ol' gal was the best. Sniff.

Of all my houses, this ol’ gal was the best. Sniff.

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