Coupon Savings for This Week Are…

28%. That’s fine with me, for the minimal effort I put out. I had $11 in coupons; no promos. Best deals were mustard for $1.10 and 56 Pampers baby wipes for $1.19 ($0.02 a wipe). I’m over cheap baby wipes. Not worth it. Also deodorant for $1. I forget the exact sizes of the mustard and deodorant but they were respectable. Spent $152.49.

If I could really get serious about the whole cooking-from-scratch goal, I know I could reduce these amounts. But I spend so much time in the kitchen as it is. I know the exact schedule of my neighbors next door because I am always looking out the window above my kitchen sink. One time we were talking with my younger son about what Mommy and Daddy do, and he said, “Mommy stays in the kitchen.” I like my kitchen; I like my house; I’m a lot happier at home than I was at work. But if I’m going to be glued to something, I’d rather it be the laptop than the sink.

It doesn’t help that my kitchen is horribly designed. It is one looong galley kitchen; there are plenty of cabinets and decent countertop space, but it is all on one side, capped off by the kitchen table. Instead of the kitchen triangle (sink-stove-fridge), I have a line with infinite points that I spend all day trudging up and down. And of course, it was all redone right before we bought the house. Somebody made this kitchen this way on purpose. So because it is all new, it is not a remodeling priority. If it was old and crappy, we could remodel it, by which I mean giddily tear everything down and then use a microwave and paper plates for the next six years.

Photo courtesy Kiatying-Angsulee

Photo courtesy Kiatying-Angsulee

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