No Coupons Today

Believing that we were going to have a major snowstorm today (not!), I did my food order on Saturday and picked it up Sunday, instead of today. I did a no-coupons, rush version that clocked in around $197. I did buy some ingredients for homemade dishwasher tabs, so I might attempt that on this fizzled-out snow day. (My son’s school closed, and there is a few inches out there, but nowhere near what they were initially calling for.)

One thing that is bothering me about my grocery order is that I ordered two of a particular kind of salad dressing because I knew I had a coupon for it. Then, at a later point, I decided not to do coupons at all, but the salad dressing stayed in. Coupons 1, Gina 0.

Photo courtesy Kiatying-Angsulee

Photo courtesy Kiatying-Angsulee

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