Coupon Savings This Week Are…

When I placed my grocery order last night, the working subtotal was $221. Add tax, add the pickup fee, subtract my coupon credit from last week of $15, and it went down to $215.

When I went to the store today, I paid $163. Shazaam!

Partly, that’s because they forgot to do my deli order, I realized when I got home.


So that accounts for about $10 of the difference, but still leaves a $42 savings. I had about $7 in coupons; the rest was Catalinas and ShopRite certificates earned last week.

Good deals included Chef Boyardee ravioli (an old standby for my husband) for 80 cents each when you bought 10.

Total final savings rate was about 37.5%. Not bad and I didn’t feel like it took too much effort (most of the effort went into the Catalinas last week).

I bought Seventh Generation baby wipes in a small stab at being greener. $2.99 for ONE refill pack, whereas Pampers are about $2 or less (I usually have a coupon for them). There must be a DIY version of baby wipes; I’ll have to look into it.

As I was working on the order yesterday, I remembered that Whole Foods is opening a new store near me this spring. I’ve never set foot in one so I’m curious to see what it’s like.

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