From Soap to Nuts

I ordered these today. I was looking up info on how to make my own laundry detergent and saw many mentions of soap nuts. I hope they work! They sound too easy to be true.

Last night I made a very nice dinner and nobody ate it but me. I made parmesan-panko crusted chicken, baked in the oven, Grands biscuits, a package of Knorr creamy chicken noodles, and steamed broccoli. My husband felt sick and the kids just didn’t want any parts of it. Two of them ate broccoli and one ate biscuits. Very frustrating. I think the most annoying part was that my oldest wouldn’t eat the chicken, since it was tasty and pretty kid-friendly, and he usually will eat chicken.

I have been trying to not use processed things like the Grands and the Knorr noodles, and this was the nail in the coffin for them. I don’t really like them, and if the kids don’t, what’s the point?

So tonight I gave up and we went to Red Robin for dinner. Everyone was happy with their French fries, pretzel bites, mac n cheese, and (more) broccoli.

I spent a long time today working on the next Box Tops submission for my son’s school. (I am the school coordinator.) I like doing it because it’s easy money for the school, and because it’s basically one big organizational/categorization task. And I get to use Excel (nerd alert). But sometimes, when I’m straining my eyes to see a teeny-tiny expiration date or I’ve had to recount a group of Box Tops for the umpteenth time, I wish that the schools were simply better funded. Our November 1 submission was for about $200 dollars, at which time my husband said, “How about I just write you a check for $200 and you throw the Box Tops in the trash?” Understandable. I guess my goal is for more of the school’s families to participate, which would make it more worthwhile.

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