Coupon Roundup

Here’s the highlights of my couponing this week:

Clipped $14.80 in coupons/Catalinas from last week and I have that 10% off certificate to use that I got last week. Also, Shop Rite had a President’s Day promotion so I got $20 off my order just for spending more than $150. I’m having the groceries delivered today, mainly because it snowed AGAIN and I wasn’t sure how the roads would be, if there would be school, etc. (there was a 90-minute delay). So, the savings will be bumped into a credit for next week’s order. But to attempt a rough estimate of savings: the initial total was $191. Add the $15.90 delivery fee, add $2 tax, subtract the $20 promotion, you get $189. Subtract the $14.80, you get $174.20. Take off 10%, you get 156.78. After some further calculations that may or may not be right, I arrive at an 18% savings rate. It would be higher if I could calculate everything that I bought on sale, but I will have to wait til I get my receipt to see that.

Best deals: Betty Crocker cake mix for 75 cents; Gerber toddler meals for 84 cents; International Delight 16 oz creamer for 50 cents; Dove shampoo for $1.50. Like I’ve said before, if I were hardcore frugal, I wouldn’t buy any of those things. (Have you heard of the “no-poo” hair cleaning system?) But, since they are that cheap, I will get them. My husband wants the creamer; I like to have cake mix on hand for school cupcakes, etc.; the Gerber things are good for when babysitters are here. The trick is to not slip into buying them all the time at full price.

Update: Groceries came; according to receipt I saved around $20 from items being on sale. Receipt also contained another 10% off coupon for next time and a $10 Baby Bucks certificate, which I earn periodically for my diaper and wipes purchases. That is good off the next order as well. And finally a $3 Catalina for buying Unilever products (Dove shampoo, Lipton ice tea mix, Knorr noodles, Hellmann’s mayo) (part of Shop Rite’s ongoing “Dollar Days”) and a $1.50 Catalina for buying College Inn chicken broth.

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