Village Person

Today I rediscovered the mother of all thrift stores:


I hadn’t been inside Village Thrift in about 8 years. It’s in a somewhat shady location, and my memory of it was as being overwhelmingly full of junky stuff. I don’t know whether it’s the store that changed or my perception of thrift stores, but I was in heaven. Lots of stuff, but very neatly organized. Clothes, shoes, sheets, wedding dresses, kitchen gadgets, glasses, dishes, books, toys, lamps, stuff for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day…

I was hoping to find throw pillows that I could use to stuff the shams I’ve been buying from Etsy, so I could avoid buying new inserts. There were a lot of throw pillows, but I realized they would probably be too bulky to get into the sham. There didn’t appear to be any king sheets, based on the way they were organized, but it would definitely be worth checking back. I ended up getting a birthday gift for my friend’s daughter, some clothes for my daughter and shorts and pants for my oldest — and his stuff was all great brands: Carter’s, Children’s Place, Levi’s and Eddie Bauer. Spent about $33 for 9 items, I think. I can’t wait to go back and look at the women’s clothes. There also was a food processor that I almost bought, since mine just broke.

I felt so virtuous after shopping there that I allowed myself to drive down the road and get some pillow inserts from Jo-Ann Fabrics so I could stuff the sham that just came in the mail. That was $32 for 3 inserts.

Newest member of the throw pillow family

Newest member of the throw pillow family

Being at Village Thrift also reminded me of my senior prom and how one of my best friends got her dress at a thrift shop (it might even have been VT) for $6, while the rest of us were spending into the hundreds. She remains a thrifty gal today 🙂 If I get her permission I will post a pic of it sometime.

I really want to try to use thrift store finds or Craig’s List for the rest of my family room redecorating, in terms of frames, lamps, baskets, and a chair, and also for the playroom that is connected to the family room. Lots of patience and restraint will be needed…

Dinner was takeout because a takeout menu came in the mail and my husband is highly suggestible. The pork chops I defrosted will have to wait until tomorrow night.

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