Coupon Savings for This Week Are…

So I did not take the week off from couponing. Got sucked in.

Picked up my order this morning and I used $6 in coupons. I also earned $10 off my order by buying certain Kellogg’s products (things I would have bought anyway). And I earned a coupon for $5 off my next order, also through Kellogg’s (the $10 was a Shop from Home-specific promotion). And I had a $13 coupon credit from last week, because I had the groceries delivered, and whenever you do that the coupons get bumped to the next week.

Therefore my grand total dropped to $158.06. Number of items purchased = 72. Total savings, according to my receipt, was $65.73 (that counts the above stuff plus everything that was on sale). If my math is correct, that’s a 29% savings. Not going to get me on Extreme Couponers, but I’ll take it.

Best deal? Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies for $1.38.

Oh AND I got a certificate for 10% off my next order from ShopRite because I spent a certain amount the past two weeks (another promotion they are doing).

Next step is to scan my receipt in to Shoparoo, a cool little app that gives my son’s school money for every receipt submitted.

And then I will rest up from thinking about groceries for a few days.

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