Today the new king bed arrived. I didn’t have any sheets for it; I had tried asking my mom but she didn’t have any. I went to some thrift shops this afternoon, but didn’t make it to the one that might have had sheets. (I did get a bunch of adorable kids’ clothes and also traded in some kids’ jackets and shoes — I’ll find out in a few days how much store credit I’ll get for them.) So I went to Bed Bath & Beyond after dinner and bought new sheets — on sale, at least. I just couldn’t conceive of not having sheets on the bed tonight. Wish I had looked around more over the weekend.

My in-laws came over this afternoon to visit and baby-sit, which allowed me to do my thrifting and also go out to eat with my husband. Unfortunately, we spent most of the time continuing a fight that started last night over… the new loveseat. He doesn’t like it. Such a long story and not worth detailing, but I may end up returning it. At the very least, I think I need a stretch slipcover for it. Ugggh. It’s a shame because my vision for the room is really starting to come together and I’m so eager for it to be done.

On a more positive note, I was proud that I didn’t buy anything else at Bed Bath & Beyond. Sooo much stuff there that caught my eye. Stuff I would have bought in the past: Yankee candles, K-cups (my husband bought himself a Keurig), throw pillows…

I also had to order new checks today. I pay all my bills online, but there are still situations where I need real checks. As I write this, though, it occurs to me that I could set up my babysitter as a payee in my billpay program and pay her that way. I wonder if that would work. I also need to go through my bills and switch to online billing for most of them.

My new goal is to start trying to remember to use a reusable shopping bag when I go to convenience stores, thrift stores, etc. I have one in my purse that snaps up into a little pouch. Picture to come.

Tomorrow is Friday! I wondered when I left my job if Fridays would still feel like Fridays as a SAHM. Happy to report that they do… mostly because I still order pizza. 🙂


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