Sifting Through the Web

Some fun discoveries over the past few days:

1. I went to my town’s website and also to Earth 911 and got the latest info on what my town recycles. I had been meaning to do this for quite a while. For years, I just threw stuff in the recycling bin willy nilly. Then at one point I looked on the town’s website and found that we could only recycle Nos. 1 and 2. I followed that until recently, when I heard via Facebook that the town’s website was out of date. Now, I’m happy to say, it is very up to date and green focused. We have a lot of initiatives; I already took advantage of the composter program and now I’m thinking about getting a rain barrel (basically, you get it for cheaper than you would normally). But it’s great to have the correct recycling info finally.

On a related note, I had a small “eureka!” moment the other day and dedicated one of the upstairs trashcans to recyclables. I think that will save a lot of items from the trash.

2. This Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle recipe. I might give it a test run soon since I have a lot of the ingredients on hand. It seems like it would be awesome for Thanksgiving/Christmas.

3. Free education online! I have an interest in urban planning and have been looking into going back to school. In my search I realized just how many universities are creating “open courseware” designed to basically allow people to shadow real courses for free. Here’s one I liked.

In other news, I LOVE the new loveseat. The room looks a thousand percent better already.


One response to “Sifting Through the Web

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