Snow Day: The Revenge

Today is Monday and we had yet another snow day. The novelty is wearing off!

To update my Compact compliance: I did not buy the green chair I posted about, but I did buy a loveseat from Raymour and Flanigan for the same price. It arrives tomorrow and I think it will work out great in the room. Now I have to try to find a home for my old loveseat. It is too ripped up for the local ReStore. I guess I will post something on Facebook or Craig’s List. I used to belong to Freecycle, but the group had so many rules regarding posting, I was afraid to ever post anything.

I spent most of today looking at throw pillows for the room on Etsy. So many patterns to choose from… my eyes glazed over. Etsy pillows break the Compact, but at least you are buying from an individual, supporting a small business. I just don’t know if I could troll Goodwill for throw pillows.

My only other purchase has been a replacement part for my son’s Wii system.

We had a pleasant weekend. Friday, my oldest had friends over after school and we had pizza for dinner. Saturday, the weather was mild so I took the boys to the playground after my oldest had his art class. That night, we lucked out and were able to get a babysitter (nobody is ever available Saturday nights) and my husband, my oldest and I went out to eat. Sunday, the mild weather continued and I took the boys on the train into the city, where we went out to lunch (they insisted on McDonald’s) and to the Franklin Institute. It was not frugal, but it was really fun. “We’re having an adventure,” said my oldest. It made me happy to realize that they are all (slowly) getting older and more mobile, and that we have more trips like that in our future.

But all good things must end, and today featured the flooding of the second-floor bathroom toilet, leading to yucky water dripping through the kitchen ceiling. The ceiling will have to come down, and maybe one of the walls. Of course, the ceiling had never been completely redone since the last time this almost same exact thing happened, back in 2006, so… that’s the silver lining (?).  Then after dinner, my little guy brained my daughter with a toy, leaving her with a bloody gash that may need stitches tomorrow.

Really, really looking forward to this arriving tomorrow:


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