Waiting for the Snow

Quick post tonight. I am exhausted. All kids home today due to MLK Day and all three are sick to some degree. My baby girl took a really long nap, which was nice for me, but then for two hours after the nap she would not let me put her down. And I just felt so bad for her and my 3-year-old, with their constant runny noses so sore from being wiped. My little guy actually has chapped cheeks too.

Lots of injuries today; little guy hit big guy over the head with a guitar; baby girl pegged me right on the ankle with a really hard round toy. I had a screaming headache by 5 pm. Didn’t help that I stayed up too late last night blogging. Hubby and I ordered takeout while kids had mac n cheese. There was no way I was doing any real cooking while lugging around my 30-lb “baby.”

But my food order arrived, so we have all the milk, bread and eggs we need to survive the coming snowstorm. I hope to make these blondies. Love to bake when it snows. I continued going through a giant tub of clothes from the third floor and have a nice bundle to give to my friend for her baby girl. Did lots of wash.

Now I just have to remember to turn the ringer off on my phone so that if we get a call regarding school at some ungodly hour, it doesn’t wake me up. I don’t need to know anything until 7 am!

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