Compact Day 4

No purchases today. Not coincidentally, I didn’t leave the house either. My husband was working all day today (Sunday), and I didn’t have the energy or desire to take the kids anywhere. It was a lazy day of movies, Wii and yes… more laundry.

All that leftover tortellini soup I had got eaten up, thanks to the kids’ friend who was over. He’s a great eater, and has a knack for overhearing me talking about food, so next thing I knew he was set up with some soup for lunch, and thanks to the wonders of peer pressure, soon all my kids were eating it too.

I got my food order done. I use ShopRite’s Shop from Home service, so I submit the order on the computer and go to pick it up tomorrow morning — they pull all the items for me. They also have a delivery service. Groceries and coupons… I’ll have to write more on that later. In short, I once couponed like crazy, not so much anymore. But it taught me a lot.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to clean out and declutter the whole house. I have a little fantasy in which my in-laws take the kids for a week while my husband and I just launch an all-out assault on the house: throw stuff out, clean it top to bottom, and do the million little fix-its that are needed. In the meantime, I took the two little ones up to the third floor of the house today. They aren’t generally allowed up there so they were all titillated. They went nuts going through boxes of old toys while I tried to declutter and organize other stuff. The way we were all stepping and tripping over stuff, I felt like we were on an episode of Hoarders. But I made some progress and discovered some things I needed. Lots of trash on the curb tonight, and I’ve got a pretty big pile ready for Goodwill too.

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