Compact Day 2

I’m happy to report I didn’t buy anything new today. My new winter coat that I ordered before I started the Compact arrived, so I guess I should savor that.

It was just another cold and nasty day here, a stay-inside day. We had freezing rain all during the morning. When I first left my job to stay home with my kids, last May, I thought the winter would be the toughest time. But I think I prefer winter over summer. My oldest is in school, so I don’t have to keep him amused. The younger two don’t mind not being able to go outside, and come up with ways to amuse themselves such as pulling all the books off the bookshelf and jumping on them like they’re stepping stones. I’m feeling very much like a hermit lately, and I don’t mind. Sometimes the only time I leave the house is to walk around the block to get my son from school. Meals in the Crock-Pot, baking cookies, naps after lunch… it’s been a cozy winter so far!

I made a tasty beef stew in the CP the other day that I’ve been eating all week… no waste there!

More wash and continued to go through my kitchen cabinets and rid myself of extra stuff. My oldest and I looked at dogs to adopt online; we are trying to convince my husband. He is somewhat allergic to dogs, but my theory is that if we don’t get a dog, I just might get pregnant again, and I’m pretty sure he’d rather have the allergies.

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